Community Outreach

New Friends New Life provides counseling services to teens that are currently incarcerated with the Dallas Juvenille Detention Center. Staff and volunteers assist group counseling focused on abuse and provide education and resources for those experiencing commercial sexual exploitation or domestic abuse.

Awareness and Community Education

New Friends New Life is always looking for opportunities to get the word out about our organization and bring awareness to the issue of commercial sexual exploitation. If you know or are part of a group, Bible study, book club, business or social network that would be interested in hearing about our organization and the real world struggles of sex trafficking in the United States, we’d love to speak at your engagement. Please contact us if you’re interested in booking a speaker.

New Friends New Life Direct Service Webinar: 

Why does research show that more than 89% of sexually exploited women report wanting out of the commercial sex industry but do not feel they can survive? If you and your staff seek to learn more about sexually trafficked and exploited teens and women, this workshop is for you.

 The objective of this workshop is to educate, equip, and engage service providers in comprehensive aftercare for victims.  The workshop presents a model of providing aftercare services so women and girls can successfully survive outside of the industry and move towards lives of healing and empowerment.  Since 1998, New Friends New Life has developed an approach that integrates multiple trauma-informed services. The workshop utilizes survivors’ perspectives on their needs during their transition of leaving exploitation, and can be broken up into a series of shorter presentations based on your specific areas of interest.

For more information contact Priya Murphy at or call 214.965.0935.

speaker choices include:

Priya Murphy: New Friends New Life Director of Strategic Partnerships. Priya is passionate about bringing freedom and hope to the victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. She is a certified human trafficking awareness speaker. She co-founded an anti human trafficking organization in Florida in 2009 and was involved in making a documentary movie capturing human trafficking in India. She currently serves on the board of Love and Care Ministries International, which provides homes for homeless and orphaned children in India to prevent them from becoming victims of slavery. In the past 15 years she has travelled internationally to speak in different churches, conferences and events.  Priya desires  to be a voice of justice and hope, bring awareness to this issue of human trafficking and sexual exploitation and help prevent people from becoming victims of trafficking. Priya is committed to the mission of New Friends New Life to restore and empower formerly trafficked girls and sexually exploited women and their children. In her current role, she actively oversees fundraising and strategic partnership with individuals, churches and organizations to increase support to New Friends New Life. 

Kelly Cruse: New Friends New Life Executive Director. Kelly has a passion for educating the community regarding the issue of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. In her tenure at New Friends New Life, Kelly has helped grow the Second Chance Jobs program, launch the Men's Advocacy Group, foster fundraising and partnership strategies, and advocate for legislative change in Austin. Community partners note that Kelly helps to empower individuals, churches, and businesses to find their place as part of the solution.

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