2017-2018 Membership Application

Thank you for your interest in New Friends New Life's Men’s Advocacy Group (MAG) membership. We apply an organic strategy to our membership growth.

Applicants must be recommended by a member of one of the following

  • New Friends New Life
    • Boards of Directors
    • Advisory Board
    • Men's Advocacy Group Board
    • Circle of Friends Board
    • Men's Advocacy Group
    • Circle of Friends
    • Staff

The names of our board members and staff are listed HERE. Thank you for appreciating the discretion we use in this process which is reflective of the population we serve.

There are two ways to fill out an application:

  1. Fill out the online application below 
  2. Click HERE to download and fill out a hard copy application and background check

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Volunteer Opportunities for men  

manKINDness Ambassador involves referring a high school or boys’ group to participate in the manKINDness Project curriculum. Groups consist of athletic teams, church/synagogue or other youth groups, bands, clubs, boy scouts, etc.

Second Chance Jobs involves identifying and initiating a partnership with a local business for an employment opportunity for women in New Friends New Life program.

John’s School Presenter involves joining a New Friends New Life counselor in addressing a group of “johns” at the Dallas District Attorney’s office.

Small Group Host (coffee, lunch, evening) Small group defined as 8-15 people, accompanied by a MAG Board Member and/or a trained MAG speaker/trained professional to lead an educational discussion.

Children’s Mentoring involves a role of high trust whereby members will impart experience and insights for younger persons as it relates to school, life, spiritual, and other topics of well-being. an xperienced and rusted erson who gives another erson dvice and elp, esp. elated to ork or chool an xperienced and rusted erson who gives another erson dvice and elp, esp. elated to ork or chool

Education Program involves initiatives that include informing organizations, schools, and churches about sex trafficking and exploitation. Members will develop and promote strategies in using the Men’s Board and MAG to further self-education and education of the public about sex trafficking in Dallas and the opportunity that men have in fighting against this crime.

Event Partner entails serving in the design, development and coordination of an event or serving at an event.

Fundraising to support our initiatives by developing a fundraising vision and strategy that optimizes philanthropic opportunities within the community and meets short-term and long-term fundraising goals.

Marketing/Advertising increase public awareness and visibility of New Friends New Life, Men’s Advocacy Group, its mission and the benefits of joining the men’s initiative.

Men’s Project Support entails working on a variety of projects where you contribute a your expertise and skills to support a project. Projects will range widely in terms of size, duration, and complexity.

Advocacy & Outreach involves serving as an ambassador for New Friends New Life and its auxiliaries such as the Men’s Advocacy Group. Engaging the public in formal and informal settings is commonplace with this role which includes public speaking on the sex trafficking and exploitation problem in our city and country.

Policy & Legislation includes work that supports the Policy & Legislation Committee in its mission to impact local and/or state legislation and policies that help victims of sex trafficking and/or help law enforcement and the legal system to more effectively address perpetrators of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Social Media involves efforts that seek to leverage the use of social media to advance information and awareness of sex trafficking and exploitation, New Friends New Life and the Men’s Advocacy Group.

Wednesday Night Dinner Volunteer involves dedicating time to support New Friends New Life’s weekly program that runs every Wednesday at a local church. Volunteer activities can range from tutoring and supervised sporting activities with children to providing and serving meals to victims of trafficking.

Underwriting Men’s Activities by giving financial contributions to help fund men-sponsored events and activities. This is a great alternative for those who want to make an impact but have with limited bandwidth.