Director’s Message

“We must take a stand.”  This is the message I shared at the 11th Annual WINGS Luncheon benefiting New Friends New Life.  Worldwide, human trafficking is a $32 billion crime.  The U.S. Justice Department reports that in Dallas, $98.8 million is spent in the sex trade each year.  Women’s and girls’ bodies are turned into property to be bought and sold – their sexuality leased at the whim of a john and at the hands of a trafficker.  And so, we must take a stand.

I am grateful to all the New Friends New Life supporters – our board members, Circle of Friends members, faith partners, volunteers, staff and donors – for giving the resources required to move a woman permanently out of poverty, to restore a sexually abused girl to wholeness, to shine a light on trafficking and exploitation.  When you invest in New Friends New Life, you are making a difference!  You are partnering with God in His gift of transformation.  Thank you for taking this stand.