Greater Dallas Movement Day

On January 23, 2014, faith and community leaders came together to unite the faith community of Greater Dallas to make measurable progress in the transformation of the region. Seeking both spiritual and social transformation, New Friends New Life along with other agencies hosted the Freedom Forum (Human Trafficking track) which educated, equipped and engaged leaders about the epidemic of sex trafficking within North Texas.

120 participants attending the Freedom Forum and developed action items for their churches and communities. Ideas from this group include:

-Proclaim Human Trafficking from the pulpit; provide Biblical teaching so the congregation understands sexual exploitation is a justice issue.

-Discuss the subject of pornography and sex from the pulpit. Pornography is a gateway to sexualizing and objectifying women and children.

-Encourage the community to provide job opportunities for women to be able to build a new career.

-Capitalize on the power of story – invite survivors to speak to the congregation in safe settings to normalize the conversation around exploitation.

-Collaborate with existing organizations that have developed proven programs to help survivors.

-Be faithful where you are to raise awareness among your families, co-workers, prayer partners, church or company, and volunteer organizations.

-Provide a safe place of fellowship, care, concern, and mentoring for survivors in your church.


Thank you to the community partners who served as panelists:

-Renee Breazeale – Senior Victim Advocate, Dallas County District Attorney’s Office

-R. Keith Armwood – Superintendent, Letot Girls’ Center

-Dr. Terrence Autry (pictured below left with Lisa Autry) – Senior Pastor, Christ Community

-Bryan Eck – Lead Team Pastor, Irving Bible Church

-John Kimberlin – Youth Minister, Preston Road Church or Christ

-Dr. Peggy Banks – Minister of Spiritual Formation, Northwest Bible Church

-Kristian Rose – Director of Texas Operations & General Counsel, North America Team, Love146

-Lori Warren – Dallas Leader, Jesus Said Love

-Noel Bouché – President, PureHope

-Jaime Hanks Meyers- Managing Director, Children at Risk

-Sam Pollinzi- Pastor, Restored Hope Ministries

-Lindsey Speed- Director of Communication, Traffick911

-Rev. Dr. Irie Session, Protégé Advocate, New Friends New Life

-Stephanie Clanton, Counseling Program Coordinator, New Friends New Life

Thank you to 100 Shares for making the Freedom Forum possible through its generous support.