Protégés Complete “How to Prepare and Lead a Bible Lesson”

Six protégés recently completed an eight-week course called How to Prepare and Lead a Bible Lesson, engaging them in a critical examination of scripture and biblical truth.

Under the leadership of Dr. Irie Session, NFNL Spiritual Support Coordinator and Senior Pastor of “The Avenue” Warren Ave Christian Church, the protégés chose a passage of scripture with personal significance to study for the duration of the course.

Prior to diving into the course, Session’s had protégés discuss their purpose for being in the class and asked what they wanted to discover. While the answers were personal and differed woman to woman, all showed interest in growing spiritually. After that, each weekly class offered new insight on how to study the Bible and the step-by-step process of preparing a lesson.

“The women realized that preparing a Bible lesson is very time consuming. You are biblically responsible for knowing a passage and knowing it well so you can teach it to others in a way that they can apply it to their own lives,” Dr. Irie Session said.

At the end of the course, each protégé taught her chosen passage to the Wednesday night support group, opening up about why the specific piece of text matters to her. Women related their struggles, hurts, fears, and successes to the biblical stories and to the stories of those who bravely shared.

“[Matthew 7:1-3] matters to me because I became pregnant as a teen. [My] family and others were unkind to me. This passage helped [me] make it through that tough time,” one protégé said. “I learned everybody has something to work on.”
Since, the protégés have developed an even better understanding of how to study the Bible and desired to learn more about God’s character through reading scripture.

“It was exciting to see the women enjoying the class,” Session said, “It was such a spiritual experience for everybody and I will be teaching it again.”