4 Keys to A NFNL Child's Success

Meet Dr. Michelle Woody, New Friends New Life's Children's Program Director. Engaging, Committed, Brilliant- these would all be appropriate words to describe her.  Although when asked, Michelle described herself as passionate. Passionate about ensuring the success of each and every child in the New Friends New Life program.  

Michelle believes that in order for children in New Friends New Life to succeed there is a common theme: regulation. Regulation that encompassed the following areas: 

Academic, Social, Emotional, and Behavioral 

This outlook spurred the objectives for the New Friends New Life Children's Program. 

1. Academic Program: provide school advocacy for child and parents. Empower children to develop a life-long enjoyment of learning.

2. Counseling program: Change generational attachment styles for parent and child.  Promote recovery from and recognition of abuse for children.

3. Spiritual Development: Increase understanding of positive character traits for healthier/more fulfilling relationships with God, self, and others. Empower child to see self as worthy and loved by their heavenly Father.

4. Parent Support and Enrichment Program: provide parents with appropriate strategies to communicate with their children and empower them to develop time management skills in their homes.

It is not only Michelle's hope, but also New Friends New Life's, that through education, counseling and presenting children with the love of Christ that lives would be transformed and generations of abuse and exploitation would be broken.