Documentary Sheds Light on Sexual Exploitation in America

"A sentiment for the law officer is, 'The girls are out there. They want to be out there. They know what they're doing is wrong. They're out there from their own free will.' That changed for me in 2005." 

"I would stop a girl and then I would get into her story. Story after story, I learned the culture of prostitution. The girls are not there by their own will or because it's what they want to do. These girls either have a really poor home life, some kind of abuse, physical, usually sexual. 85% of the girls are runaways which increases their vulnerability, increases their need for someone to take care of them- whether it's an abusive relationship or not they need somebody.

It's an entrapment. It's a deception. And it usually starts at a very young age- 12, 13, 14. Pimps take advantage of their vulnerability..." - Andy Conner, King County Sheriff's Department

The documentary, The Long Night offers insight into the lives of sexually exploited girls, and portrays the reality that New Friends New Life sees every day- sexual exploitation is not limited to a certain demographic of society, but rather pimps and traffickers prey upon the most vulnerable- children.  It is our duty to be educated and inform our communities about this issue and about who can help!

New Friends New Life offers hope, help and a road to self-sufficiency and healing for teens, women and their children who are looking for a way out.