Will you join the movement?

It seems only appropriate that the first month of the year, our "fresh start," our "time to refocus," would draw our attention to an issue so important and worthy of awareness- Human Trafficking.  An issue that New Friends New Life sees every day, every week and every month out of the year.  An issue that has emerged from the shadows, as we seek to shine a light on the dark reality of cities across the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex.

We know the numbers- an estimated 1 in 3 runaway children are lured into sex trafficking within 48 hours of being on the street*, an estimated 400 girls are trafficked each night**, $99 million is spent on the commercial sex industry per year***... in Dallas.

At New Friends New Life, we are a part of a movement that is spreading across our city, state, nation and globe.  One that values survivors of sex trafficking, specifically domestic women and girls.  This movement begins with prevention of sexual abuse that proceeds a long and brutal life of trauma then seeks to rescue and restore those that have been trafficked and exploited and offer them much needed services for a true transformed life.  

Restore & empower. 

That is our goal.  New Friends New Life provides a holistic approach to healing- focusing on the physical, mental and spiritual needs of survivors of sex trafficking and exploitation. 

Will you join us?

By becoming a member of our Circle of Friends, volunteering, educating yourself and those around you, attending an event, or simply by staying informed, you are effecting change.

You are saying not our children and not our city.

You are joining the movement


*Dallas Police Department
**The Polaris Report
***Urban Institute commissioned by the DOJ