Why New Friends New Life is Proud to Stand with Dallas Police Chief David Brown

Since 2010, Dallas has been privileged to have the service and leadership of Chief David Brown – a police chief who is tough on crime. During his tenure, we have seen a decrease in crime in our city, in large part because of his efforts to bring together the police force and the city it serves. Our city and its citizens are safer because of him.

Chief Brown has been particularly tough on crimes against women. Time and time again, he has been a vocal advocate for men standing with women, and for private sector citizens standing with the public sector – calling all of us to come together to end violence against women. New Friends New Life is grateful for the commitment he has helped pioneer within the Dallas Police Department to end human trafficking in our city. 

There are an estimated 400 trafficked teens on the streets of Dallas every night. Texas ranks second in the country for the most human trafficking. The average age a girl is sexually trafficked in the U.S. is 13 years old. 93% of trafficked teens have been physically or sexually abused. 80% have run away from troubled, fatherless homes. Human trafficking is happening to our women and our children and it is happening in our backyard – no neighborhood or suburb is immune. Like many nonprofits in the area, our partnership with the Dallas Police Department, and with Chief Brown, is crucial to achieving our mission of restoring and empowering formerly trafficked teen girls and sexually exploited women and their children. Under Chief Brown’s leadership, the Dallas Police Department's Child Exploitation Squad investigates more than 1,100 cases each year consisting of high-risk and trafficking victims and internet crimes against children. Through speaking engagements such as the 10th Annual Conference on Crimes Against Women, and membership positions on nonprofit boards like ours, Chief Brown models sensitivity to and prioritization of women’s safety issues. The significance of his commitment to our community cannot be overstated.

New Friends New Life has the privilege of calling Chief Brown a friend and an ally in the fight against human trafficking in our community. Chief Brown has demonstrated over and over again in both his words and his actions, “Not our children. Not our city.” It is an honor to continue our partnership with him and stand together for one of the most marginalized populations in Dallas.