MAG Men Deliver a Fine Dining Experience for Survivors

November 9th marked a new dining era for service delivery to the women who attend NFNL’s weekly Wednesday Night Program at the Preston Road Church of Christ. Eleven MAG men hosted the dinner event aimed at honoring NFNL’s women recovering from sex trafficking and sexual exploitation. The men provided a full service sit-down dinner themed “Celebrating You!” MAG men experienced joy and humility throughout the evening as they engaged the grateful and kind survivors. 

All of the MAG men delivered meals to the tables. Bill Morse (MAG ’15) opened the evening with a thank you to the survivors and a brief history of MAG. MAG Board Chairman Chris Kleinert (MAG ’15) shared powerful words of encouragement and support giving assurance that MAG will be an ongoing source of advocacy. David Ball (MAG ’15) blessed the meal and the 3-course dinner service followed. MAG adorned each table with black and white linens and a specially-made fresh floral centerpiece donated by attending member Matt Brady (MAG ’15). Each dinner table came with two assigned MAG waiters who saw to the dining needs of each survivor. Other MAG men including Phil Campbell, Chris Johnson, Colby Langford, Mark Negri, Jerry Weete, Alan Wood and Scott Wright – all class of 2015 – combined to man the kitchen, maintain food and beverage coverage, table service and clean-up detail. Every MAG man was a full and active participant to ensure the premium service that only MAG can deliver.

While the hosting MAG men noted a few modest opportunities for process and service enhancements, they are both humbled and inspired to reiterate words spoken to survivors last Wednesday night:  “we stand with you, for you and if necessary, in front of you.” MAG men were honored and moved by survivors’ appreciation. Two such examples are captured in Thank You cards to MAG: “A lot of thought… deserves much recognition. My heart is full” and “Feeling pretty blessed to be treated special tonight.”

In 2017, MAG men are scheduled to return and deliver more top notch culinary experiences on Feb 1, May 3, Aug 30, and Oct 25. 

How you can help?
•    If you are a MAG member, sign-up to serve on at least one of the four 2017 dates
•    Identify a benefactor donor willing to donate all or a portion of the dinner meal
•    Donate or arrange for a donor to underwrite small gifts for the survivors