Men's Advocacy Group Members are Serving Everywhere

Men's Advocacy Group (MAG) men gave their time and support in a myriad of ways during the last 30 days. Here’s a snapshot of some of the men’s contributions. Nearly 65% of the MAG is represented in the following list:

•    (11) MAG men organized and served dinner to survivors on Nov 9. MAG’s manKINDness dinner was the first of its kind for the weekly Wednesday night program.
•     (2) MAG Board men joined Rep. Tan Parker along with ranking local and state government and law enforcement officials in a NFNL-sponsored round-table discussion to identify new measures that combat sex trafficking through legislative action. 
•    (21) MAG men attended the Education Forum on Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children at SMU on Oct 25 and filled major program roles including master of ceremony, program panelists, greeters and event photographer.
•    (3) MAG men collaborated to host an interactive gathering of 15 young professionals at a MAG Board member's home to explore the ministry of giving and the fight against sex trafficking and exploitation. 
•    (1) MAG man expanded the growing MAG network by bringing a local business and MAG together. That business sponsored all food, beverages, and event ware at the Nov 9 Wednesday Dinner.
•    (2) MAG Board men “talked” with (32) local high school student-athletes about the impact of words and actions that objectify and marginalize women. 
•    (3) MAG men met with Boy Scouts of America (BSA) leaders to continue developing plans to create a joint education and awareness initiative for scout-age boys and girls in the BSA organization.
•    (2) MAG Board men met with Stemmons Corridor Business Association Board members to develop a concept around a 2017 event to bring together a large contingent of local businesses and marketing of MAG’s No Harm Network.
•    (2) MAG men conducted a series of meetings with Letot Center’s superintendent to complete a needs assessment and a scope of support that MAG may provide to the boys at the Center while teaching respect of self and others.
•    (2) MAG men partnered to complete a draft of the new Train-the-Trainer program for men who participate in the MAG Speakers’ Bureau.