No Harm Network Membership Drive Planned for National Human Trafficking Prevention Month

In November, the MAG Board endorsed an enhanced membership/enrollment strategy aimed at accelerating the growth of No Harm Network membership in 2017.  The No Harm Network exists to increase awareness in the business community about human trafficking and the role that business policies and culture can serve in protecting teen girls and women from the harm of sex trafficking and exploitation.

The enhanced approach seeks to increase businesses’ awareness and education about sex trafficking and exploitation within the organization as a requisite for membership. The enhanced membership parameters require organizations to allow MAG to provide employee education/awareness training about sex trafficking and exploitation, and how everyday business practices can be part of the solution. Organizations must also display the No Harm Network emblem on the company website. 

While the original Network membership requirements obligated organizations to pledge adherence to specific policies and practices that did no harm to victims of sex trafficking, the new strategy includes educating organizations about said policies and practices.

Despite changes to our membership strategy, the key to growing the Network continues to be active involvement from our MAG members.  Members can help in numerous ways including personally recruiting organizations for membership, introducing organizational decision makers to MAG contacts, promoting the Network among colleagues, and so on. In coming weeks, MAG members will receive an updated No Harm Network packet with talking points, key information, and a new video short to facilitate MAG members’ support of the campaign. If each MAG member delivered just one (1) Network candidate, we could raise an incredible and indelible voice within the Dallas business community.

Already have business candidates for outreach? Got other ideas? Contact Bill at or 214.965.0935 x307.