North Texas Giving Day is here!

Thursday, September 22nd is the day that North Texans get up to give and receive bonus funds to match donations! We're grateful for generous supporters, like you, who contribute to help advance the work we do. For the formerly trafficked teens and sexually exploited women that we serve, today is important. Not because it's North Texas Giving Day, but because it's another day of fighting to move beyond the past and courageously push forward into hope and restoration. It’s a day that may look something like this:

You’re a single mom who lacks marketable job skills. You’re ready to work hard to support your family, but the huge gap on your resume is hard to explain to local employers.

You’ve moved. A lot. And now you’re trying to find safe and affordable housing. You want to protect your children and put food on the table. But both require an income stream that you do not yet have.

A car payment is not in your budget right now and neither is car insurance, so you take public transportation. The bus schedule can be unreliable and the route reminds you of your past. You first met your trafficker at that exact bus stop when you were only 13 years old. His name is still emblazoned across your chest as a painful reminder of being branded as property.

You want to participate in therapy, in career development courses, in a Bible study. But those things require a bus pass and stable childcare. Things that aren’t readily available to you.

And maybe, just maybe, all of those things that were said to you for all of those years were actually true. Because making the decision to believe in yourself is hard. Believing that you have value and worth. Believing that you can step forward into a new, meaningful life with healthy relationships and a fulfilling career. It’s even harder when you lack a source of income.

So today, when you woke up, you weren’t thinking about North Texas Giving Day. 
You were deciding whether you could feed your children and push forward into recovery by leaning into New Friends New Life for support. And we’re so grateful that you chose New Friends New Life.

For the formerly trafficked teens and exploited women in our community, will you consider giving them one more day?