New Comprehensive Teen Program Launches this Fall


A recent report from the University of Texas estimates that there are approximately 79,000 minor and youth victims of sex trafficking in the state of Texas. Once recovered from sex trafficking, youth require specialized services, therapy, case management and a new community. If they are left unattended, they often become susceptible and vulnerable to be preyed on by traffickers again. Our team has been working hard to better meet the needs of our city’s trafficked youth.

This fall, we are excited to launch the Youth Resource Center (YRC) at New Friends New Life, in partnership with the Governor’s Office.

The YRC will serve as a safe place for youth to rest, meet their immediate needs, and build community with our staff and survivor leaders through regular programming and case management. It is our hope and vision to provide at risk and exploited youth a support network that can help them towards a new life.

Our new Youth Resource Center will be a place of healing, services, restoration, new friends and a new life for youth in our community who have been victimized.

Holistically, our services will include:

·          individual and group counseling

·          trauma-informed case management

·          life-skills development

·          weekly community activities (e.g., movement, art therapy)

·          educational support and assistance with GEDs

·          support group for parents of trafficked teens

To support the new Youth Resource Center, click here. We will also need in-kind donations such as kitchen appliances, iPhones, and computers. Please click here to give an in-kind donation.