the mankindness project

An Awareness Curriculum for Teen Boys

Presented by the New Friends New Life Men’s Advocacy Group

More and more schools and boys’ organizations are embracing The manKINDness Project for a candid dialogue about true masculinity and boys respecting girls and women.

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“The objectification of girls can have a negative impact on them as well as boys and society more broadly. Some societal effects include an increased rate of sexual harassment and sexual violence and an increased demand for child pornography.”                         — American Psychological Association

Who Are We

New Friends New Life’s auxiliary group, the Men’s Advocacy Group, (MAG) consists of 50 men who are business professionals, retirees, clergy, psychologists, law officers, coaches, attorneys, judges, and more. The goal of the MAG is to mobilize adolescent boys, men and organizations to influence the end of human trafficking and sexual exploitation of teen girls, women, and children — a $99 million illegal enterprise in Dallas.

The manKINDness Project High School Program Description

Developed by MAG and New Friends New Life’s staff of clinical and child development experts, The manKINDness Project’s awareness curriculum is a 60 minute interactive learning experience tailored to teen boys. The program was piloted in 2016 at Parish Episcopal School and Hillcrest High School with resounding results.

The manKINDness Project High School Program Goal

Through candid conversations about value and respect, the learning objectives for young men who complete the program are three-fold:

  • Learn about the power of their words and how thoughts influence actions and behaviors.

  • Examine the ties between respect for women and girls and the socialization of human trafficking and exploitation where nightly in Dallas alone, 400 teen girls are trafficked.

  • Identify individual and/or group solutions in their school and communities that demonstrate positive, healthy attitudes toward girls and women, and ultimately, themselves.

Contact Information

Interested in bringing The manKINDness Project to your school or organization? Email or call 214.965.0935.