The Program                 Resources

The Process of Getting Out

If you’re looking to get out of the sex industry or human trafficking industry, we’re here to help you every step of the way. Change can be scary, but it’s easier together. 

Contact Us

Call us at 214.965.0935 so we can walk you through the beginning of our process. We also have a Resource Center available in case you’d rather learn everything in person. 

New Friends New Life serves the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.  To find an agency of support near you, please visit The Polaris Project.

Wednesday Night support group

After talking with us, we ask that you go to our Wednesday night support groups to learn more information about our program, meet our staff, and meet other women going through this as well. Every Wednesday night our support group includes dinner, life skills education, and a Bible-based lesson to help women make the transition from the sex industry into a healthier lifestyle. We also offer nursery, pre-school, elementary and youth programs during support groups if you need it. 

The program

The New Friends New Life program is really about helping women and teens who are committed to changing their lifestyle. Our members will live within a budget, remain drug and alcohol free and attend training to gain the education and skills needed for a future job. It may sound like a lot, but each member is partnered with an advocate who serves as a guide, to help you throughout the entire process. Advocates will help you develop a plan and set goals toward your new life for yourself and your children. 


New Friends New Life wants to give you all the tools you need for your new future. So aside from the educational and job training, budget counseling and peer support you receive in the program, once you graduate you will still have access to support services and leadership opportunities. When you become a member with us, we’re here for you for life.

Contact us if you’re interested in attending your first Wednesday Night Support Group.

Soul Healing 

The faith-based spiritual support program is dedicated to walking with members, mentoring, and affirming their inner strength and courage. Through this program, members grow in self understanding and develop the skill of self-compassion. Self-compassion is learning to be kind to yourself. The members also engage in a process of discovering their power to choose. 

One woman commented about New Friends New Life spiritual support, "they loved me until I learned to love myself." The most important part of this entire process, the reason the spiritual support program exists is our belief in the power of love to transform lives.


Individual, group, and familial counseling helps members through their past and present experiences and equips them with the skills and confidence to move forward and accomplish their personal goals. We also believe counseling is an opportunity to seek healing from the experiences in the industry as well as from traumatic childhood and adult experiences. 

Resource Center 

The Resource Center is open to women still in the sex industry, those seeking to leave and current members of New Friends New Life. It is a place for women to be introduced to the New Friends New Life program and gain guidance to get started on a plan toward life change. 

The trainings and mentoring offered benefit those new to the program and members who are engaged in long-term support. 

The facility offers technology resources, educational materials, and programming for women looking for a new career, a new degree, or housing. Access to computers and the internet allow women to: 

  • Search for a job 
  • Research housing
  • Access social services 

Resources to help with change include: 

  • Initial meeting with a New Friends New Life staff member and action plan development
  • Resources for basic needs
  • Budgeting assistance and money management
  • CareerWorks program to help build resumes, conduct job searches, and prepare for interviews
  • Computer skills training
  • GED test preparation
  • College preparation and enrollment assistance 
  • Support Group

Prison Outreach

By providing spiritual support, life skills and Bible lessons geared toward empowerment and spiritual transformation, New Friends New Life's Prison Outreach provides incarcerated women opportunities to understand and develop the internal resources necessary to eliminate recidivism and make positive changes in their lives.