Children of women participating in the program are encouraged to enroll them in a vast array of services intended to foster the parent/child relationship and individual growth.

Nursery and Preschool

The nursery and preschool program is self-contained in one area and is staffed with paid childcare providers. An Early Childhood Specialist oversees the toddler program, with volunteers providing social, academic, and creative activities for the children.

Elementary Program

The elementary program serves children 4 years old through the 5th grade. Classes include character based Bible studies. Academic tutoring and homework help is offered, with curriculum focusing on basic reading and math skills.  Fun time is also encouraged, under the direction of qualified, volunteers.

Youth Program 

Middle school and High school students participate in the teen program.  Students participate in a Bible study focusing on character development, have access to academic tutors and social recreation time. Involved teens also qualify for sponsored activities such as summer camp and mission trips.


Led by a Licensed Professional Counselor, individual counseling services and play therapy are offered and encouraged to help the child transition with mom, to a new life.