The Men’s Advocacy Group (MAG) is an auxiliary of New Friends New Life, created to mobilize men to take action against sex trafficking and exploitation by raising awareness through advocacy, education, and volunteerism.


  • More than 300,000 people are victims of human trafficking in Texas, including 79,000teens and children

  • There are an estimated 400 trafficked teens on the streets of Dallas every night.

  • Sex trafficking generates $99 million in profits each year in Dallas alone.

How do we make a change? That is on us as men[...] because not only do we drive the demand, we also can influence our youth, and that’s where it starts.
— Tyler Clutts, former NFL player, current MAG board member.

The manKINDness Project

The Men’s Advocacy Group delivers the manKINDness Project to local high schools, organizations and faith communities. Developed by New Friends New Life experts and MAG members, the curriculum is a 60-minute interactive learning experience tailored to teen boys and young men to:

  • Ignite candid dialogue about masculinity and challenge status quo on how boys and men learn to view girls and women

  • Identify individual and group solutions participants can implement in their schools or organizations to demonstrate positive and health attitudes towards girls, women and each other

I challenge other coaches to come on board to help train the next generation to identify and execute healthy relationships with women and stop the cycle of sex trafficking.
— Scott Nady, Former Parish Episcopal School Head Football Coach

Sex Trafficking Awareness Excursions

MAG membership dues and fundraising events help fund community bus tours that raise awareness about sex trafficking in Dallas, provided at no cost to attendees. The scheduled tours include:

  • In-motion presentations by Dallas law enforcement, Homeland Security, and Texas Department of Public Safety agents

  • Firsthand observations of locations where sex trafficking cases were solved

To schedule a tour, visit

Volunteer Opportunities

MAG members support the mission of New Friends New Life through various volunteer opportunities including, but not limited to:

  • Serving as a MAG Buddy to a survivor’s son

  • Teaching the manKINDnesss Project curriculum in schools, churches, and men’s groups

  • Serving or providing meals for members

  • Recruiting organizations and companies to join the No Harm Network

  • Utilizing your unique skillset and experiences to help open doors for New Friends New Life

Join Us!

Join other community leaders in saying to exploited women and children: "We stand behind you. We stand beside you. And if need be, we will stand in front of you to make sure you are protected and can heal."

Pay your annual dues online below, or download and print the application below and email to

Print and complete the background check form, then submit to the attention of Kathleen Orr, Human Resources Director, via email or fax to, (fax) 214-965-9561.