Economic empowerment program

Be a part of true community change by partnering with us providing a member the opportunity to intern or work with you!  This opportunity is life-changing for many of the women we serve in overcoming barriers to becoming successful and self-sufficient.

For a New Friends New Life member, building a legitimate and stable job history is crucial to getting out of the commercial sex industry and changing her life—and the lives of her children—for the better. New Friends New Life partners with companies all over the Metroplex that offer employment to members, ranging from internships, part-time jobs to permanent full-time positions. 

BENEFITS OF THE NEW FRIENDS NEW LIFE Economic empowerment program:

  • Pre-screened, highly motivated candidates
  • Pre-employment training or education
  • Continuing education during employment
  • Coaching support to ensure success, improve retention, and resolve work place issues

If your organization would like to participate in the Economic Empowerment Program by offering employment to a New Friends New Life member for any of the following types of positions:

  • Full-Time
  • Part-Time
  • Temp
  • Intern

Contact Michelle McAdam, Jobs Program Manager, at or 214.965.0935.