Who do I call for help?

We are so glad you asked! To access New Friends New Life services, call our office at 214.965.0935 for information or to schedule an intake. Your information will be kept strictly confidential.

Where is New Friends New Life located?

All services are offered north of Downtown, in Dallas, Texas.  For security reasons, we do not publish our physical address.  Give us a call at 214-965-0935, so that we can give you more information about the safe and convenient location of our services.

What does New Friends New Life offer to me?

We offer access to education, job training, and mental health and spiritual support to teen girls and women who want to exit the sex industry.  We also offer children and youth programs for your child’s academic, emotional and spiritual health.

What are the Resource Center classes?

Our classes are offered on a rotating schedule:

Resource Center Support Group

Find the support you need from other women who have left the sex industry. 

Quality Camp

How do you structure your time and energy for success? Our Quality Camp classes teach you the skills you need to make it in a different lifestyle.

Money Skills for Life

Learn how to budget, get rid of debt, and stretch your dollars with our simple and straightforward financial classes.

Career Works

Find out how to build your resume, interview for a conventional job, and find employment that works for you by attending our career classes and mentoring programs.

Computer Skills

Learn how to use the computer by attending skill classes in our computer lab.

What about counseling services?

We offer individual and group counseling services in house, but they are not required.  Counseling options can be discussed during your intake.

When can I expect personal follow-up?

If you call and leave a message, we will do our best to call you back within 24 business hours. When ready, you are welcome to make a personal appointment for information or an intake in our Resource Center so you can get started with our programming.