low involvement opportunities

*Volunteer opportunities do not require additional training or a set commitment

Youth Resource Center Donation Drive

 Youth Resource Center is in need of individually packaged snacks, beverages, and frozen meals for girls ages 12-24. Girls are offered snacks and a hot meal upon arrival and look forward to having a place they can depend on a steady meal. In addition to food, we offer the girls fresh clothes to wear. YRC is in need of new undergarments, pants, shorts, socks, and jackets of all sizes. Click here for more information on our specific needs.

Sponsor a Member's Child

Sponsor a member’s child to help with extra expenses for items including: annual school supplies, backpacks, holiday gifts, or an opportunity to attend summer camp.

Weeknight Meals

Women members attend various classes during the week that support their body, mind, and spirit. This opportunity involves bringing a hot meal for 25 women during a week night class. Volunteer would be asked to bring meal fully cooked and drop off for self-serve atmosphere. If you're interested in serving in this way, check out our Meal Train.

Give a gift card to Target, Ross or  Marshall’s for the members to pick out a professional outfit for an upcoming interview or job promotion. As part of our Economic Empowerment Program, we empower women/ girls with the career skills needed to land a stable career. Help our members feel as confident as possible before an interview.

Sponsor a professional outfit

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of the fun and excitement of NFNL’s fundraising events which include Men’s Breakfast in May and Annual Luncheon in November!

Fundraising Events

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