Men's Advocacy Group

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1.      Host a small group (8-15 people) discussion about sex trafficking and exploitation (New friends New Life staff will lead the program)

2.      Serve or donate a meals to victims of sex trafficking and exploitation

3.      Sponsor a Sex Trafficking Awareness Excursion ($400)^

4.      Be a MAG membership recruiter

5.      Be a No Harm Network ambassador by recruiting organizations to join the network

6.      Become an education and awareness presenter^

7.      Volunteer at a New Friends New Life event

8.      Chair a mini-fundraiser to support a specific event

9.      Donate your special skills or training (auto repair, legal services, medical or dental services, jobs training, etc.)

10.  Collect clothing, hygiene and other supplies for girls in our Youth Resource Center

11.  Be a manKINDness Project™ ambassador by identifying schools and organizations to offer the curriculum boys and young men

12.  Join the MAG Buddy Program and be a role model to a sex trafficking victim’s son^

^Training may be required