We believe in long term support.  Often 3-5 years are needed with clients.

Trauma Informed Care

  • Respecting her right to decision-making
  • Respect survival Instincts
  • Acknowledge her view of reality
  • Establish a sense of safety
  • Partner case management with other services

Relationship Based

  • Passionate & Committed Advocates
  • Individualized Support
  • Consistency
  • Boundaries

Strength Based

  • Empowerment
  • Skills Identification
  • Amplifying
  • Success & growth

Many of our clients have learned not to feel to survive.  They may enter therapy not trusting, just observing, with expectations of counseling including: nothing, hopelessness.  Our population usually would not self-select counseling, would not financially invest in counseling and may come from a culture that usually is not a proponent of therapy and disclosure. So now you have clients with extensive trauma history, societal messages in the industry and outside of the industry that say “people are not trustworthy,” and clients that do not know what to expect out of therapy or what goals to establish.