Human Trafficking

What is human trafficking? Human Trafficking is a world-wide epidemic including forced labor, sexual exploitation, slavery or servitude. New Friends New Life targets the issue of domestic sex trafficking, which by law means the recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, or obtaining of a person for the purpose of a commercial sex act- induced by force, fraud, or coercion or any of these acts performed by someone under 18.

What We Do

Why do over 90% of women stay in an industry where they are sexually exploited when they report wanting out?
— Melissa Farley

In order to fully address this question we need to look at the experiences of the majority of our women. And address issues that make it difficult for them to leave.

When you meet a woman or teen working in the sex industry she will not necessarily present as someone who wants out.  But to fully explore this question we must look at what led up to her getting in the industry and services needed to get out.

Who We Are

New Friends New Life restores and empowers trafficked teen girls and sexually exploited women and their children.

By providing access to education, job training, interim financial assistance, mental health and spiritual support, NFNL helps women and their children overcome backgrounds of abuse, addiction, poverty and limited opportunities.

Careers & Internships

For a New Friends New Life protégé, building a legitimate and stable job history is crucial to getting out of the commercial sex industry and changing her life—and the lives of her children—for the better. NFNL partners with companies all over the metroplex that can offer employment to protégés, from unpaid, part-time internships lasting only three months to permanent, full-time positions.

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